Fast five with the founders of The Bombaykery & Kaffa Cerrado

The cafe at Select CITYWALK, Delhi
The cafe at Select CITYWALK, Delhi

What do you get when a cafe and a bakery comes together? The answer comes in the form of a unique collaboration between urban India’s favourite coffee roasters ‘Kaffa Cerrado’ and one of Delhi’s finest bakery and pâtisserie ‘The Bombaykery’. The cafe promises to bring pure caffeine indulgence along with the choicest selection of delicious baked treats, and it is the only place in India that offers turmeric latte, bulletproof coffee and coffee based healthy smoothies.

We had a quick interaction with the founders – Mitali Sahani of The Bombaykery and Krittivas Dalmia of Kaffa Cerrado, to know more about this new collab and their best picks from the cafe.

The cafe at Select CITYWALK, Delhi
The cafe at Select CITYWALK, Delhi

How did this collaboration come about?
Over a cuppa coffee and cupcakes! The collaboration is an effort to perfectly marry two upcoming brands of food and beverage: the Bombaykery known for its freshly baked goods and Kaffa Cerrado for its freshly roasted high grown coffee.

Tell us a bit about the menu that is curated for this cafe.
The cafe offers additional menu goodies from both the brands: Kaffa Cerrado – besides being popular for freshly roasted brews from world over, is also serving up healthy smoothies, Turmeric Latte and Bullet Proof Coffee. Known for its desserts and cakes, The Bombaykery is offering a varied savoury menu, including open sandwiches/tartines and a house salad with home made granola. The cafe also offers live and freshly baked goodies and manual brewing coffee from over seven countries.

How important are the interiors to get the right vibe for the cafe? What was the thought process behind it?
We truly believe in, “you eat through your eyes first”. For this specific cafe, the respective distinctive and bold brand vibes have been overtaken by tropical and chic vibes. The idea was to reflect a perfect marriage and remain brand agnostic. Marble and cane counter tops, brass lights and artefacts compliment the brass inlays in the flooring. Light wood furniture and finishes give an extremely warm yet vivid vibes.

The cafe at Select CITYWALK, Delhi
The cafe at Select CITYWALK, Delhi

What is the one thing that you are extremely proud of about the cafe?
We are utmost proud of how beautifully the marriage between both brands is reflected through the store design and interiors. This cafe is also an array of firsts; first only F&B collaboration at a high street mall in across the country, and also first to serve, Turmeric Latte, Bulletproof Coffee and Babychino.

Let’s choose favourites. If you were a customer in your own cafe, what would you order from the menu?
– Food: Bombay Chilly Cheese Toast/ Perfect Little Egg Sandwich
– Dessert: Hazelnut Krispy Krunch/ Nutella Cupcakes
– Coffee: Cappuccino/ Turmeric Latte
– Beverage: Babychino/ Berry Smoothie ; Healthy: Bulletproof Coffee and the Cold Brew
– Live Desserts: Freshly Baked Nutella Sea salt Cookies/ Madeleines

You can check out the cafe at Select CITYWALK, in Delhi, or you can check them out on social media at The Bombaykery and Kaffa Cerrado.

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