'Fate: The Winx Saga': Netflix series inspired by 'Winx Club'

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26 Jan 2021: 'Fate: The Winx Saga': Netflix series inspired by 'Winx Club'

Netflix is living up to its word of showering unseen features throughout 2021.

The latest to thrill its bustling young adult audience community is Fate: The Winx Saga.

The six-part show follows five fairies, who are students of Alfea, a magical boarding school.

This series is inspired by the popular Italian cartoon Winx Club, whose English version was broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Context: 'Winx Club,' the cartoon, went on for eight seasons

Winx Club, the cartoon spanned for eight seasons, starting January 2004, and was aired on Italian networks, Rai 2, Rai Gulp, and Rai YoYo.

It's about fairies and mythical creatures and had its fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons handled equally by Nickelodeon's team.

Its eighth Italian season ended in 2019, with Nickelodeon Asia airing its English version in 2020.

Season 9 is under development.

Impression: Trailer reminds you of Harry Potter's Hogwarts, 'The Vampires Diaries'

Fate: The Winx Saga dropped its trailer recently, which starts with the inimitable vibe of Hogwarts (of the Harry Potter franchise).

We see youngsters, impressive and scared gather under one umbrella university dedicated to harnessing supernatural powers from students.

The locale reminds us of The Vampires Diaries spin-off Legacies, which is because Brian Young of The Vampire Diaries has created this new Netflix series.

Character: Bloom, played by Abigail Cowen, wields fire without conviction

To be honest, it actually looks like a watered-down version of Hogwarts, while the instructors lack that convincing body language.

As luck, and the director, would have it, the trailer revolves around a female protagonist who has the magical power of controlling fire.

However, this character of Bloom, played by Abigail Cowen, lacks the fire to even emit fire, a common superhero trait nowadays.

Details: Outside the 'barrier': The villains are called the Burned Ones

It's a YA series, so little wonder that it will have good-looking actors with the potentials for romance, as seen in this trailer where a good-looking student promises to stay by Bloom's side.

Then come the villains, called the Burned Ones, whose brief appearance loosely resembles the appearance and attitude of Demogorgon, a creature from Stranger Things.

We simply hope that it retains excitement.

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