Father criticises primary school for serving children with allergies plain jacket potatoes every day

Olivia Petter

A father has criticised his children’s school for not providing adequate meal options for his two young boys, who are allergic to gluten and egg whites.

Jorg Braese says his two sons, Alvin, four, and Victor, five, are given the same plain jacket potatoes for lunch every day at St Peter’s Primary School in Aylesford, Kent.

“We filled in these allergy forms before school started, but then when term began they just got given baked potatoes,” he said.

The father-of-two went on to describe the school as "incompetent" given that it has not provided a wider range of lunch options.

Braese explained that Victor started at the school in 2018 and never had a problem with his school lunches before. But in September, Alvin joined just when the school’s catering firm changed its menu and since then, both boys have been served exclusively jacket potatoes for lunch.

Braese says he has complained to the school but nothing has changed.

”We don’t understand why it is happening again. It’s frustrating, and it hurts so much to see our boys suffering,” he said.

“They are really sad. They don’t want to go to school, and the other boys are always laughing at them. It’s such a shame, because they always loved going to school.”

Braese explained that he and his wife work hard to feed their sons with nutritious meals at home but said that the school is “letting [them] down” when it comes to their meals there.

Other children at the school are served a range of dishes, he added, such as fish and chips.

The Independent has contacted St Peter’s Primary School for comment.

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