Fatima Sana Shaikh surely knows how to make perfect use of her ‘stay home’ time!

Rajendra Pal


Fatima Sana Shaikh has a blazing passion that never fails to light up the screens. Her on-screen characters are always phenomenal. However, she is also quite charismatic off-screen. The actress’s social media is proof of that and that’s how we get a sneak peek into how she’s making the perfect use of this stay home time and here’s all the motivation you need!

The actress has a massive audience following her on social media. She is recently seen employing her social media to good use, by keeping everyone motivated during these perilous times. The actress is persuading everyone to stay at home by uploading stories of her exercising, namely skipping and kickboxing at home.

The actress has also taken a quirkier approach in some of her posts to provide us with light heartiness in these heavy times of an outbreak. She is seen holding a broomstick cleaning up the house while simultaneously lifting our spirits. She posted the broomstick picture with a wacky caption “Main Jhadoo Marti”.

Fatima is giving us a message that it is possible to stay at home and be busy. It may feel a little restraining to be at home at times or even frustrating but she is giving us a message to hold on and stay occupied so that social distancing may work its way up and drive the virus away- well, with all that positivity!

Fatima has really gone above and beyond, making her own space in the Indian film industry. Her acting really keeps the audience glued to the screen. The actress has a characteristic of captivating and absorbing the audience into her acting. She has certainly made her presence felt and blown us away with her explosive acting and now with her social media.

Reassuring us with her previous work and promising us an even better 2020, Fatima will be juggling between the films “Ludo” and “Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari”.

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