How Fawad Khan’s ‘Exit’ From Bollywood Impacted This Actor

Bilateral ties between India and Pakistan hit a rough patch after the Uri Attacks which shook the nation in 2016. Pakistani artistes were banned from Bollywood by IIMPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association) following the incident.

However, did you know that a certain TV star was also hit by the decision?

Well yes, Crime Patrol’s host, Annup Sonii, was left in a limbo in the aftermath of the attack.

Fawad Khan

How is that?

Karan Johar had signed him for his film starring Fawad Khan and Katrina Kaif, however, with the Uri Attack, the project was put on the backburner.

Says a source, “His gait and manner resonated in Crime Patrol and Karan was evidently impressed. He signed him for the role of a tough cop in the film and was looking forward for the filmmaker to make an official announcement. However, Uri Attack changed the scenario.”

Annup Sonii

You may recall that in an exclusive interview to, Anuup had said that he wanted to try different roles. He had told us, “I was doing the same thing again and again. How long could I go on talking about murder, rape and property disputes?”

The host also revealed that he was bored to a certain extent, “Monotony creeps in if one tends to do the same thing day in and day out especially if you are in TV or movies. You need to explore. You need to experiment. I want to remain away from TV for some time. I want to explore my acting talent and take it to the next level.”

Fawd Khan Annup Sonii And Katrina Kaif

An opportunity did knock on his door in the form of KJo’s biggie but things didn't move forward.

Once Pakistani artistes were banned, Fawad never returned to the country (at least until now) and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fawad Khan
Anuup Soni
Fawd Khan Annup Soni And Katrina Kaif

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