Fazel Nazary – The Young Businessman From Dubai Is The New Youth Icon


Whenever we hear the word Businessman, we think of middle-aged people who wear suits, live a busy and boring adult life. All of this imagination, yours will burst like a bubble when you see Fazel Nazary. A 25-year-old businessman who is breaking the stereotype and living a fascinating life.

Fazel Nazary, who was born and bought up in Dubai UAE, is an exceptional young boy who loves the Businessman lifestyle. Even though he is just 25 years old, he has a deep sense of the business and market. His interest in business took him to United Kingdon where he studied in the London School of Economics to study about world economy and international demand for his business.

His family started their business in Dubai in 2002. After getting huge success in their business, later on, they went to expand their company’s branches in London (2008), Tbilisi, Georgia (2013) and in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the year 2018. The expansion of their brand earned them more business in different countries of the world, and it boosted their growth in rocket speed.

Mr. Fazel Nazary has great investors mind, and he is very logical in his prediction in the stock market as well. He has invested in any upcoming startups, ventures, and company in which he sees potential and growth. His speculation about growth and business is entirely accurate for a young man and is something extraordinary.

When not at work Fazel Nazary loves to be around Cars. He loves supercars and considers them as his first love. Most of his off time he spends at the race tracks participating in racing events and rallies. Cars and racing is his passion, he says.

Other than all the business and cars Fazel loves to do charity. He also runs a nonprofits organization called Fajr al Sabah foundation which he uses to fulfill his charitable aspire.

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