Fearful to Fearless: The tale of a survivor

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Survivor – Author Baltej Miglani’s Debut Work Is Born Out Of An Inspiring Journey

Baltej Miglani is a high school senior student, actor, singer, orator and a creative thinker. And now, he is an author too! This cherubic young boy can win over anyone with his positive spirit and charming personality. But what impresses the most is his razor-sharp brain that records everything around him and feeds his perspective about the world. His thirst for life and his zealous spirit have helped Baltej grow beyond the fact that he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of four. Today, he is a regular teenager, who has just turned an author. His debut work, “Survivor”, is out in the stores and the young chap is ready to write his next one already.

Early Brush With Cancer

When you look at Baltej today, it is hard to imagine that he is a cancer-survivor. However, the only thing that Baltej remembers about those fateful times is the positive experiences. These experiences have shaped his personality, ideas and expectations from the future. Speaking about his fight, Baltej says, “I used my ideas and past experiences to look towards the future. I would often get lost in the what-ifs of life and speculations in what the future holds for the world.” That positivism helped him to reach a stage where he could pen ‘Survivor’.

A Regular Teenager

Currently studying at the Mahindra United World College of India (MUWCI), Baltej is at home in this international boarding school. He enjoys life as a regular teenager who loves his parents, food and the gym, though, not necessarily in the same order! He is your regular teenage geek who loves sci-fi movies like Interstellar and Pacific Rim. However, more than anything he loves to help people around him. This spirit of spreading cheer among everyone is what puts Baltej a cut above the rest.

The Survivor’s Story

Baltej calls this book “the story of my life.” Survivor is the story set in a “dark, dystopian future” where earth is destroyed by nuclear warfare. People are keen to live in space. In this milieu, the main protagonist, Marcus, and his friends fight to survive against all odds. The book’s blurb on Amazon speaks of the “mystery that lurks behind the destruction of the planet.” Speaking about the book, Baltej says, “Not only did I get the opportunity to explore and indulge in the limitless world of scientific research & science fiction, but I also got to tap into my own emotions and experiences.” The book is now available on Amazon & Flipkart.

A Thinker & A Writer

If you read any of Baltej’s musings, you’ll realize why the common refrain from his English teachers in school was “you should write something Baltej.” His journey into writing began with a blog, which was a seven-liner poem about his personal experience. From there, to a full-fledged author of a mystery-thriller, Baltej has done it all with a single thought in his mind, “If we keep thinking about what could go wrong, we’ll never make much progress.”

Wise words from a beautiful soul!