February 2, 2020 - what makes this date unique?

There is something unique about Sunday, 2nd February 2020.

After about 900 years, the date, that is, 02.02.2020, is a palindrome.

This assumes further significance in light of the fact that the digits continue to be a palindrome under multiple date systems. That is to say, whether you write the date or the month first, the sequence remains unchanged.

A palindrome is a word sentence or number that remains identical when read backwards and forwards.

Palindromes range from words like 'civic' and 'level' and 'kayak' to full fledged sentences such as the rather well known 'Able was I ere I saw Elba' that has on many occasions been wrongly attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte.

According to an USA Today article, the last such palindrome occurred on 11/11/1111. Going by that calculation, the next such sequence will be 3rd March, 3030 - over a 100 years from now.

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