Feel immense pressure, responsibility: Vartika on representing India at Miss Universe

Radhika Sharma

Mumbai, Nov 13 (PTI) Lucknow-based Vartika Singh is gearing up to represent India at the Miss Universe pageant and says she is aware of the country's expectations to bring back the crown.

Vartika was recently titled Miss Diva Universe 2019 and with barely no days left for the contest, the 26-year-old is 'filled with emotions' going in for the pageant.

'There's an immense amount of pressure and a lot of responsibility. The fact that India hasn't won in 19 years, it's adding to the responsibility and the pressure but I work better under pressure. If there's pressure that 'I have to do it', I give my best,' Vartika told PTI.

India won its Miss Universe crown in 2000, with actor Lara Dutta as the last winner from the country.

Vartika said she is swamped with advice from all quarters on how to navigate her pageantry.

'My social media, my messages are just full of advice by well wishers. It makes me happy that people are concerned about my performance. They give feedback and share their perception which helps a lot.' She was speaking at the new edition of LIVA Miss Diva 2020.

Vartika said her journey has been 'amazing'.

'It has contributed to the kind of person I am today... I'm aware all eyes are going to be on me. But nobody's perfect. What you can do is work with everyone around you and make sure you believe in what you do,' she added. PTI JUR RDSRDS