Feeling under the weather? These simple tips will cheer you up

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Do small acts that make you feel better like munching on your favourite snack. (Photo: Getty)

As much as we love our homes, staying in it for longer periods of time can get to the best of us. The social paradigm is changing around us and at a pace which is overwhelming to grasp. In times like these, it is important to try to be at peace and make the best of the time on hand. Monika Sharma, a counseling psychologist and life coach suggests, "Light some scented candles and enjoy a hot shower after a stressful day at work, treat yourself to that carb-rich meal that brings joy to your heart."

Ahead, we list out tips to make yourself feel better: 

We live in a world that is fast-paced, where the basic demands are taking a toll on our bodies. (Photo: Getty)

Opt for the right personal care products

"They are called ‘personal care’ products because they are meant to do just that – care for you," remarks Sharma. It is suggested you opt for well-scented shower gels and bathing salts. Light some candles and take a warm shower. This makes you feel energetic and will keep your mind fresh.

Dress as per what suits your body

The key to making yourself feel better, as per Sharma, is to understand that "self-improvement is about indulging in a radical act of self-love by accepting ourselves for what we are endowed with." Opt for silhouettes that suit your body best and bright colours since they can elevate your look. Wear appropriate textures as per the season. With summers coming, opt for light cotton kurtis or well-fitted khaki pants and style them with accessories, just as you like. 

Make yourself relaxed with a treatment

We live in a world that is fast-paced, where the basic demands are taking a toll on our bodies. The contemporary challenges have adverse effects so that a good night's sleep is near impossible. Essential oils have healing properties because they help in boosting your energy levels, in turn making you feel at ease. "Mixing appropriate bath oils with water will have rejuvenating effects on your body," says Sharma.

Commit to daily habits which help you feel loved

"Daily acts of self-love are a beautiful way to show yourself the love, respect, and level of care that you truly desire," mentions the life coach. Go for a little walk or snack on your favourite chocolate whenever you are feeling low. "When you commit to a deep, loving relationship with the self, your entire life will positively shift in the most incredible ways," she says. Try thinking about the best aspects of yourself and how you can work on it. Don't dwell on your mistakes and understand that unless you make missteps, you will never learn or experience life.