"Feels like a blessing," says 'Fantastic Beasts's Dumbledore Jude Law

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"Feels like a blessing," says
"Feels like a blessing," says

11 Nov 2020: "Feels like a blessing," says 'Fantastic Beasts's Dumbledore Jude Law

Jude Law has established a firm position in Hollywood for etching out diverse roles.

He further won over all with his brief appearance as Albus Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, a Harry Potter prequel series.

His performance left Potterheads wanting to know more about Dumbledore's past through him, and the actor, who will be returning in Fantastic Beasts 3, feels privileged.

Comment: "Never felt that the way I have on this job"

The 47-year-old feels "happy to be in this company."

"It feels like every day we make these films, it feels like a blessing. And there's also such a sense of well, it's the reverence I suppose, because they hold a special place in so many people. Hold people's hearts, lives. I've never really felt that the way I have on this job," Law said.

Approach: He also sought Rowling's advice to know more about Dumbledore

"The responsibility that comes with that...it's like being given a really precious artifact," the Oscar nominee actor added, stating that the heart-to-heart touch with its audience is something he has never felt before.

Law is indeed committed to this role as he asked for author JK Rowling's support when he was planning his version of Dumbledore for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

Past meeting: The author had revealed many of Dumbledore's secrets to Law

Sharing how engrossed the author still is about Dumbledore, Law earlier had said that he scribbled notes while Rowling "stood up for nearly three hours and walked up and down, talked, talked...and it just came out."

A self-confessed fan of Harry Potter franchise, the Captain Marvel star narrates that it was out of this admiration that he went ahead to audition the wizard's role.

Fact: "There's a great responsibility that comes with playing Dumbledore"

"It was fun to do because you also felt like you wanted to make sure you were married to this part. You didn't want to get it and buckle, because there's a great responsibility that comes with playing Albus Dumbledore," points out Law.

About: Let's know more about Dumbledore and his legacy

For the unversed, Professor Albus Dumbledore started off as a half-blood wizard and soon turned out to be the greatest wizard ever born.

He has been a significant source of inspiration for Harry Potter, and is characterized by immense wisdom.

He is also a pioneering alchemist and was instrumental in stopping the might of Lord Voldemort through the First Wizarding War.