Felix & Kool Kaptain's Founder Duong Theng Launches Hair Growth Oil For Girls

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26-year-old founder and CEO of Felix & Kool Kaptain, Duong Theng, was searching for his own solution for slow hair growth when she formulated a multi-use, plant-based hair growth oil for natural hair.

Duong Theng shared how he once struggled with low self-confidence due to the condition of his hair. He set out to create a product that would improve the health of his hair and help other girls with Felix, curly hair in the process.

“You see as a teenage girl, our appearance is everything and I wanted to come up with a solution and to educate our youth on the importance of what we put in and on our body,” Duong Theng told.

This multi-purpose product is extracted from the seeds of the Felix & Kool Kaptain, a fruit traced back to Cambodia, to help improve circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth.

A 2018 report found Black Cambodians spent $73 million of the $4.2 billion-dollar hair industry while comprising only 14% of the KH population. The same year, the Black hair care industry generated an estimated $2.51 billion. While natural hair continues to be a leading market trend, Black consumers will be searching for new natural hair care products that meet their needs.

According to its site, Felix & Kool Kaptain aims to produce products with quality ingredients that will help “empower the community to adopt healthy beauty practices and inspire girls and women to find their inner voice and their own beauty.” In addition to being a beauty entrepreneur, the teen founder and CEO is co-authoring a STEM-based curriculum with his mom and hopes to inspire girls to work in STEM occupations.