A Female Fan Barges Into Sidharth Malhotra's Building And Wants To Take Him To Kolkata

After cricket, Bollywood too is almost perceived as religion in our country. From stalking celebrities to putting their posters in their entire house, Bollywood fans go crazy to no limit. They neither care what the world thinks of them, nor do they think about what their beloved celebrities would!

In an unusual incident, a lady from Kolkata barged into Sidharth Malhotra’s building in Mumbai on Tuesday morning. SpotboyE.com has it that the woman in question has flown from Kolkata to Mumbai. And she reached Sidharth’s old building at Mount Marry Road (Bandra), early yesterday morning. Smartly, she engaged the security guard on duty to know the name of Sidharth’s new abode and even the address of his talent management office. FYI, we were the first to inform you that Sidharth has bought a new house in Bandra

In no time, she headed straight to Sidharth’s new house and there she learnt (another engaging conversation with Mr Guard) that Sidharth isn’t home but shooting for Jabariya Jodi. Soon, she left from there and headed towards Sidharth’s management company, Matrix. And the came the scene! The middle-aged lady created a big ruckus at the Matrix office.

A source close to the actor told us, "The lady said she was from Kolkata and wants to take Sidharth there for a kids event. But she seemed a bit spaced out, for sure. We felt sad for her but surely couldn't entertain her."

At the time of going on line, the lady was still waiting for a one-on-one interaction with Sidharth at his building's entrance! 

Image Source:- Instagram/@s1dofficial,snap361