‘My fetish? Bags and shoes’: Rakul Preet Singh

My all-time favourite outfit: A pair of denims with a well fitted tee or a pair of shorts with a tee shirt.

My favourite outfit when travelling to my shooting: Denims with a tee shirt or a maxi or a singlet dress.

My favourite outfit for a formal occasion: It depends, for a wedding function I would like to wear a lehenga or a sari; I think a sari looks sexiest on a woman. When I go clubbing or fine dining it would be a dress. Again at the same time it should be comfortable to last the night.

My favourite fabrics and colours: I love cottons as it's easy on the body and my favourite colours would be pastels. I am a fan of pastels, blacks and whites.

I like to sleep: In a pair of shorts.

I have a major fetish for: Bags and shoes.

My most expensive outfit or accessories: I guess my bags would be my most expensive buys, watches and my ring—I just gifted myself a five karat diamond ring so I think that's most expensive that I have right now.

According to me I look best in: Clothes that make me feel good from within. I look good in everything; you’ve got to be your own favourite!

On the first day of my shoot I wore: I really don’t remember as it was years back.

Best dressed actress in the industry: I think today everyone is so well dressed with the fashion police doing the rounds all the time! I like the way Sonam experiments, I like Anushka’s style. It's very easygoing and very her.

I like my man to be dressed in: He should definitely have a sense of style, not a lazy dresser. I would like my man in a pair of nice denims and a white shirt. A white shirt is something that always looks good on a man.

My favourite brand in jeans: Diesel fits me the best and I would have around 20-odd jeans because I wear a lot of jeans.

I like to shop at: I am a person who mixes and matches, I am not that particular about brands. But I think London is the place to shop in. I do street shopping and I also shop a lot when I am travelling.

My wardrobe is incomplete: Without a pair of well fitted denims.

My travel bag and my handbag always contains: It has the entire world in it! My handbag and my travel bag both have everything that I survive on from the eatables to my ointment to my medicines to sun shades to my sunscreen.

My favourite designers: Nikhil Thampi, Shantanu and Nikhil, Anita Dongre for Indian. I also like Chanel and Prada.

My favourite perfume: Nassau.

My favourite brand in sunglasses: Dior and Prada

My favourite brand in shoes: Prada shoes, I love Dolce for everyday wear.

For make-up I use: I am not too much of a make-up person, I keep it very basic but I like Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Huda.

When not shooting my make-up comprises: My Bobbi Brown stick which is like BB cream and concealer with a touch of lipstick. Sometimes I use my lipstick as a blush and I am good to go.

My favourite shampoo and conditioner: Kérastase.

My haircare routine: I am very bad at taking care of my hair. I try to get a champi (oil massage) once a week and make sure I condition my hair every time I wash it. I use a leave-in conditioner by Kérastase.

I admire the hair of: Sonam and Deepika.

Tip on dressing: I tell everybody, ‘Don’t try and follow anyone's fashion sense just because you like it. Create a style that you own and one which makes you comfortable. You will carry off the outfit with grace and it will look fantastic.’

Tip on make-up: Wear minimal make-up, let your beauty radiate naturally.

Tip on haircare: Condition your hair after you wash it, eat right as your skin and hair look good because of the nutrition you put in your body.