Fight breaks out on 'Bachelor in Paradise' over the most ridiculous thing

Kylie Mar
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Things escalated real quick on Bachelor in Paradise Tuesday night, when newcomer Christian Estrada, or shall we say, Mr. Steal Your Girl, came through and smooth-moved Nicole Lopez-Alvar away from Clay Harbor.

It all started when Christian walked into Paradise and immediately zoned in on Nicole, who was already paired up with Clay. Or so we all thought. Nicole agreed to go on a date with Christian, where she was swept off her feet by his Rico Suave-ness. After the two returned from their date, Clay pulled Nicole to the side to spend some time with her and find out if they were still on the same page. However, egocentric Christian interrupted their conversation to steal Nicole away, which broke out into a very uncomfortable argument. Nicole told Clay, "Don't be afraid to raise your voice. It's like, put a guy in his place. Like, he was towering over you. Like, you're so much bigger. He's like a shrimp compared to you."

Since Nicole told Clay she wanted him to be more aggressive and assertive, later, while Christian and Nicole were having some alone time, Clay decided to pay Christian the same respect. Unfortunately, it didn't go very well for Clay.

Christian refused to let Clay take Nicole from him, and Nicole just sat idly by saying nothing.

Christian was straight up disrespectful to Clay, and no one was down with it. Especially Jordan Kimball, who decided he needed to do something about it. Like wreck Christian's piñata.

Jordan went charging towards the piñata and, just before ripping it down, told Christian, "Clay is a good friend of mine." The two men began to wrestle each other over the piñata, which eventually led to Jordan body slamming Christian into the sand.

Jordan's ballsy move totally won over Bachelor Nation Tuesday, as fans took to Twitter to show their support and appreciation. They also could not get over the fact that the two grown men were fighting over a piñata.

This actually wasn't Jordan and Christian's first altercation. During the Men Tell All special for Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette in 2018, Christian got all up in Jordan's face. However, since Christian's time on the show was short-lived, Jordan's response was simply, "I don't know what your name is."

So maybe it wasn't about Clay or the piñata? Unfortunately, we're not entirely sure how the brawl ends, since Bachelor in Paradise pulled their typical move and faded out with a "to be continued.” However, based off the teaser for next week, it looks really intense.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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