Filmmaker Abhijet Raajput goes international with his music videos


Filmmaker Abhijet Raajput goes international with his music videos

In the 90s, one saw the rise of Indipop music. That also paved the way for music videos which worked as an effective tool to promote the song or even the entire album. The visuals played a big role in making the audience connect to the music produced by the artiste. Now, that non-film music has come back and a lot of interesting work is happening in that space, there are a bunch of people who are putting their filmmaking skills to good use by making music videos. One of the most prominent names among these young and emerging crop of filmmakers is Abhijet Raajput.

Abhijet Raajput

Pune based Abhijet Raajput had an inclination towards cinema and filmmaking from a very young age. Thus, it was natural that he decided to carve a career out of it. Abhijet has been inspired by the finesse and technique attached to music videos made internationally and he decided to bring the same level of quality in the music videos he makes here in India.

Abhijeet recently shot a music video titled ‘Waiting’ which featured actress Gretchen Baretto. Apart from featuring in the video, Gretchen also lent her voice to the track. The song has been written and composed by Two Ninjas and is available on all leading streaming platforms. The video of the song, which is at par with that of any international music video, has become popular across the globe and has been getting tremendous airtime on leading music channels like VH1 all across the world.

Talking about the video, Abhijet says, “Gretchen is a huge name globally and she has worked with some of the most reputed popular vocalist across the globe. I was extremely excited when I got the opportunity to work with her. At the same time, I was conscious of the fact the video should be something she would be proud of. I always try to make sure that my videos are as good as that of the ones featuring the biggest international artistes. For me, quality always comes first.”

Sunil Gupta, co-founder of Media Tribe, remarks about Abhijet, “I constantly track what is trending on social media. Sometimes, you see really irrelevant things catching the attention of the people and there are times, when something genuinely good trends. There are no CDs and cassettes now. The success of an audio track or music video depends on whether it is trending or not. Abhijet makes the kind of videos that not just go viral but are also high on quality.”

Abhijet is working on several other important projects at the moment which will be announced soon.

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