How This Filmmaker Duo Put India’s Skateboarding Aspiration On The Global Map

Manjari and Vinati Makijany come from a film family of actors and filmmakers in Mumbai. While Manjari set her mind on directing early and had the opportunity to work for filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and Vishal Bhardwaj, Vinati started off as production designer in Hindi films.

The recent release of Skater Girl trending at top 10 across 70 countries on Netflix is a powerhouse combination of this duo. Their effort is commendable not just with the success of the film but also in promoting the millennial sport across rural communities in India with their Desert Dolphin Skatepark project in Rajasthan.

Now, with the success of the film, they are running volunteer programs under The Living Grace Foundation where Vinati is leading the organization and raising funds to include a library and a creative space that will function as an indoor workshop venue for musicians, artists, craftspeople and educators who wish to volunteer and have a shared experience with the children and community.

Watch the video to know more:

(Interviewed, produced and video edited by Nang Tanvi)

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