Filmygyan’s Founder Aftab Khan Perfectly Explains Why It Is the Most Followed Public Page of Bollywood

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Agree or not, social media has become one of the major sources of entertainment for the audience all over the world. Be it in any nuke and corner of the world, the internet has constantly kept everyone connected. Along with it, social media has also seen robust growth when it comes to consuming entertainment content.

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The trend of spending time on the internet and swiping through Bollywood-centric content has been a ritual now. However, very few pages have maintained consistency with their engaging content. Among many entertainment pages, Filmygyan has been dominating the internet with its creative content.

Till date, it remains the most followed page on Instagram with a family of almost 15 million followers. Filmygyan that was established by Aftab Khan in 2015 was initially considered as a paparazzi page, but the content curated and created by Aftab’s team tells a completely different story. Rather than focusing only on paparazzi pictures, Filmygyan serves the followers with the content that is in demand by the movie buffs.

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Understanding the market trends, and creating relatable content has done wonders for the page in the last few years. The page has been widely followed by many TV celebrities, influencers and Bollywood stars. When asked about dealing with competitive portals and pages, Mr. Aftab Khan revealed, “My focus since day one was to be A1. Ever since I started Filmygyan, I did not set any projections to beat my contemporaries. My goal was to serve the best content in real-time, and not let it get stale. I truly believe when you completely focus on yourself, it doesn’t matter what the competitors in the market are doing.”

Well, we believe that the focus to be the best has undoubtedly made Filmygyan the most loved page among the Bollywood fans. As far as the statistics are concerned, the average views on Instagram reel videos posted by the page have been more than a million. Maintaining the uniformity of serving the content on time, Filmygyan has been in a race with itself and is truly raising the bar high with its timely posts and updates.

Moreover, if we deep-dive into the number game, Filmygyan’s statistics will leave many people amused. As per the data, the weekly reach of its Instagram page is more than 30 million whereas its weekly impressions are beyond 255 million. Behind this exponential reach lies the hard work and effort put in by Aftab Khan’s hardworking team.

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