Finally! American Scientists Admit Desi Washing Beats Toilet Paper

Toilet paper versus washing. That's always been the big Western- Asian divide. But finally, some Western doctors seem to have recognised he superiority of washing over toilet paper.

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Dr Evan Goldstein, a rectal surgeon in New York City, says not only using a bidet is the ideal way to finish off your business, it also helps prevent common anal injuries and tears caused by improper wiping.

He also believes using tissue paper is sorta like "stepping on dog poop and only wiping it off with paper!"

Meanwhile, Dr Phillip Buffington, the chief medical officer of The Urology Group says while using toilet paper is an invitation to allow bacteria to stay over after stool, using a bidet ensures you’re washing it away.

Studies also find that warm water spray helps in post operative care in anorectal disorders.

As for the argument that it's wastage of a lot of water, this stat might help:

While it takes 500 ml water for one bidet session, it takes 37 gallons to make one roll of toilet paper!

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