Finally God Blessed Us With 8 Pounds Of Love

Akanksha and Ida (ida_tales)
Finally God Blessed Us With 8 Pounds Of Love

While immersing in the glorious sights of Swiss Alps, I wondered in amazement how nature has perfected the view of ice clad mountains with the splendid backdrop of greenery. Amidst all this, I did not realise that I had finished two whole packets of chips. My husband said in a jocular tone; are you pregnant or what!

We continued our Swiss quest and I was constantly eating more than usual, but I chose to believe that it was because I was exerting a lot.The following day, I grumbled in pain as we were preparing to fly back to Paris from Zurich.

The jaunt to the airport was filled with uneasiness in my stomach. I could sense that these are not ordinary pains. Having gone through an episode of ectopic pregnancy 2 years back, I asked my husband to get me a pregnancy kit so that my mind could settle. All the tests came back either negative or invalid. By now, we convinced ourselves that this is a tummy bug and we would consult our General Practitioner in Paris.

The subsequent day I was at my home and it was more stressful. The pain did not cease and we had to call emergency to send a doctor at home. One jab was enough to make me snooze. The next morning was no better. We decided to visit the hospital and got an echography done. All the tests were normal. The doctor offered us a blood test to check if I am pregnant. And voila, it was positive! We both were overjoyed as we were planning a baby but were not sure that it would take only a few days to get a positive. The medics asked us to visit the hospital every 3 days so that they could see the embryo. This was followed by a series of ultrasounds, examinations and medications to reduce my stomach discomfort but all in vain. Neither my pains stopped nor they could see the embryo. It had been 4 weeks and doctors suspected an ectopic pregnancy again.

They decided to give me medicines to terminate the pregnancy, as it could be life threatening for me if not treated on time. To be candid, my pulse was ramping up. My heart was not settling for this. All I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to tell me that everything would be fine. The only strength and ray of optimism was my husband. He kept reassuring me that the doctors will see the baby in ultrasound. Miraculously, the chief of the hospital wanted to see me and do one final scan before giving me the medication to terminate. My husband chanted the whole time and the chief confirmed that he could see something, which looked like a gestational sac. Sigh of relief, gratitude and bliss prevailed.
Things started to fall in its place, eventually they saw a viable embryo, followed by a heartbeat, and a healthy pregnancy blossomed thereafter.

Today, I am 36 weeks pregnant and have come a long way. Whenever my baby kicks,  I tell her that she is a miracle baby. I thank God for guiding the chief to examine me. Every pregnancy is unique but mine was a marvel.I am enthusiastically waiting to hold my 8 pounds of love in my arms and give her all the optimism like her dad gave it to me!


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