Finally, Some Good News! The good Samaritan spreading positive messages around Calgary

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“Ann” and the motivational street signs taking over Calgary

A woman going by "Ann" printed these posters to boost morale in Calgary.

CBC story last week wondered about street signs in Calgary that read “Great Job,” “You Matter” and “You Are Loved.”

Who posted them? Why are they there?

Well, the case has been cracked and the do-gooder wants to remain anonymous.

It turns out a woman the CBC is naming “Ann” and her husband came up with the slogans and the company that printed the posters did the job for free.

"I believe in my heart that someone out there read that sign and it made their day better," she said.

She wanted to help boost morale for people going through tough economic times and hoped the signs could also serve as an antidote to some of the vitriol on the internet.

We say “live long and prosper” to this amazing Star Trek costume

“If you hate Muslims but love Star Trek,” Blair Imani warned, “get ready to be A N G R Y.”

The author and historian showed up to Comic-Con last weekend in a Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge costume, the iconic character played by LeVar Burton. But there was one twist that was celebrated by many and jeered by trolls. Because of course, it’s the internet.

Imani paired her cosplay with a hijab and said on the Today show: “It’s just exciting to think of a future that includes everybody, which includes Muslims.”

And while we know some truly hateful comments were hurled at Imani, she got kudos from many who do love the costume, including Burton.

Live long and prosper!

“Quick, what do you call these?”

It’s nice to remember that the internet can have a debate about things that don’t involve deciding whether a U.S. president is racist.

A Twitter user asked their followers what they call these treats.

After more than 15,000 replies, I’m summing up the results thusly: If you’re in a country with Tim Hortons, they’re Timbits. If you’re in a country with Dunkin Donuts, they’re Munchkins. Yay, capitalism!

International users might call them “doughnut holes.” But the most interesting response was by Twitter user @disco_hits, who said, “in Central/Western Canada, they could be called ‘Robin’s Eggs.’ “ (No one agreed with her, because really, what the hell are Robin’s Eggs?!)

So let’s be real — “Timbits is the only correct answer.” 🇨🇦

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