Finally, Some Good News! Toronto bus driver stops to buy lemonade and cookies for passengers

We know the planet’s on fire.


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TTC driver stops at lemonade stand along route to treat passengers

The TTC gets a bad rap for its service — or lack thereof — but this viral moment from the last week is enough to warm the cockles of my cold, city-dwelling heart.

Andrea Hare Sears was walking home from the park this week when she spotted a TTC bus driver parking the vehicle on the side of the road where neighbourhood kids had set up a lemonade stand.

The mystery do-gooder stopped four times on his route, according to the kids’ mother, who called the driver “an awesome person.”

The driver would ask his passengers every time if they wanted anything. He bought lemonade and cookies to hand out to riders.

If this is the reason buses run so late, I might have to be OK with it.

‘Cute but stubborn’ dog finally finds forever home after 1,001 days at shelter

A dog found his forever home after 1,001 days at a California shelter.

When Marmaduke arrived at an animal shelter in Fresno, Calif., in November 2016, Barack Obama was still the president of the United States.

He was completely untrained. “Cute but stubborn” is how the shelter described him.

Now, 1,001 days later, Marmaduke has not only found his forever home, but he’s also undergone training with very patient volunteers. A potential adopter visited the American Staffordshire once. Then again a few days later. A video posted to the shelter’s Facebook page said Marmaduke enjoys long walks in the park and is “obsessed” with tennis balls.

“He gets daily walks, LOTS of love, and already shows his owner how grateful he is for picking him, to join his family,” the shelter said. “Marmaduke and his forever owner are the perfect match.”

“Happy tails do exist,” the shelter boasted.

And all this reminds me of how my childhood hero, Bob Barker, would end every episode of the Price is Right: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed and neutered!”