How to Finance Invisalign Treatment

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Over 9 million people have regained the confidence to smile freely with Invisalign aligner treatment. You can also make your misaligned teeth straight in just a few months, that too without the social stigma of wearing wires and brackets of traditional metallic braces. It is unquestionably the most effective treatment, both in terms of outcomes and aesthetics, but benefits come at an additional cost, which could be anywhere between £1,200 and £5,500. Once your orthodontist checks the suitability of Invisalign to straighten your misaligned teeth, you need to explore the simplest and cheapest possible financing option as the cost of treatment could be beyond budget for many.

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Invisalign Financing Options in the U.K

Dr. Daniel Bronsky of Invis London, demand for Invisalign treatment is skyrocketing, particularly among adults looking for discreet teeth straightening options. Thankfully, dentists across the U.K. are offering attractive financing options to help those looking for quality treatment with easy payment options. Of course, you can save money to pay the treatment costs upfront, but why pay upfront when you have the option to pay in monthly installments with no additional interest.

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Monthly Payment Plan

Paying £5000 upfront for Invisalign Full might be challenging for many, but paying around £400 monthly for 12 months would be easier for almost everyone. Visualizing the challenge, dental clinics offer monthly installments spread over the length of your treatment. Some clinics might ask for a down payment to start the treatment. You should read terms and conditions in detail, as there could be some hidden cost and interest load.

Dental Insurance

Insurance companies treat Invisalign as a cosmetic enhancement, not dental ailments, so Invisalign treatment might not get covered in your regular dental insurance plan. Thanks to the growing demand in recent years, several health insurance companies have started offering dental insurance plans with cover Invisalign treatment. Some plans might come with a part payment option. Since dental plans come with a lifetime cap on orthodontic treatments, you should better get in touch with your insurance company to discuss the available limit. Above all your orthodontist must accept your dental insurance plan.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost In The UK?

The teeth straightening treatment involves creating subtle force in a planned manner to move teeth in the desired direction. Since it is all about improving dental aesthetics, Invisalign offers you the much-needed discreteness during the treatment with custom-made high-quality transparent plastic trays. All you need to do is wear these trays for 20-22 hours daily as per the treatment plan and see the transformation happening in just a few weeks.

Depending on your dental complexity and teeth straightening expectation, the number of trays required could vary. The cost of treatment varies accordingly. Some additional factors could be the expertise of the orthodontist, location, frequency of checkups, course correction, and of course the cost of retainers, required to avoid relapse. Depending on your case, the orthodontist might recommend these Invisalign treatment plans:

Invisalign Full: It is the most recommended treatment to correct moderate to complex misalignments. It normally takes longer, but you will get the best possible straightening results.

Invisalign Teen: Designed specifically for immature jaws of teens with a focus on maximum discomfort, the treatment encourages smooth movement without discouraging natural development.

Invisalign Lite: If your dental complexity is of moderate nature, your orthodontist might recommend Invisalign Lite, comprising a lesser number of trays. It is cheaper and takes normally 6-8 months to achieve desired teeth straightening or gap-filling results.

Invisalign i7: For milder corrections, you have Invisalign i7. It consists of 7 custom-designed trays to help you achieve desired cosmetic improvisation in just 3 months.

Depending on the treatment plan the number of aligner sets required will vary, so the cost of Invisalign treatment in the U.K. could be anywhere between £1,200 and £5,500. Invisalign Full normally costs around £4,000 and Invisalign Lite and i7 costs lower. The cost of treatment varies, so you should better discuss all possible aspects in advance to avoid cost escalations. Invisalign is expensive as compared to the traditional braces treatment, but you have several financing options to enjoy the benefits of Invisalign braces. If you are thinking of getting Invisalign on the NHS then it is not possible, as these are available only for children and some exceptional cases.

Final Words

A smile can be the best weapon in your armory to win the world. Why waste precious years with misaligned teeth, when you can straighten your smile using Invisalign aligners with an affordable financing option. Besides attracting Invisalign financing options, you can save some costs by using your credit card smartly.