From Financial Failure to Financial Freedom: The Story of Selena L Fletcher, Credit Coach

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Selena Fletcher has turned her hardships into a story of triumph and redemption. With faith, perseverance, and a determination to impact the lives of all those she encounters, Selena has built Financial Freedom, one of the fastest-growing credit repair and financial literacy businesses.

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Her story began with little odds of success but began to take a radical, yet positive, change after she endured a major life crisis and found herself in the lowest state imaginable. With very few glimmers of hope for the future, she endured a trying pregnancy, not knowing if things would ever be different. Although she longed to shake the depression, it was not until Selena held her son for the first time that she began to see her light at the end of the tunnel.

Immediately, she realized she had to create a new environment for this precious life to thrive and flourish. The only problem was that Selena had terrible credit, little-to-no financial education, and no idea how she would provide for her son. Growing up, Selena had witnessed her family facing financial burdens that she did not want her son to face. She began to seek help obtaining the financial stability she desired. After an unsuccessful attempt to find guidance in her community on credit repair and financial stability, Selena took matters into her own hands.

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Determined to break her multi-generational cycles of poverty, Selena set her mind on the vision of her son growing up with academic and financial education. She spent hours on Youtube learning how she could improve her credit and achieve financial freedom. She began implementing this newfound knowledge and as a result, her credit score skyrocketed from the low 400s well into the 600s in just a few months.

Blown away by the tremendous results, Selena headed back to Youtube; however, this time, it was to share her credit knowledge videos with the hopes of helping others. It wasn’t long before Selena had people asking if they could hire her as a credit repair specialist to help repair their credit. When people initially began to inquire about paying for her services, she objected since she had no plans on starting her own business. Selena’s sole motivation was to provide a better life for her son.

While the desire to provide financial stability for her son drove Selena to improve her credit, it was her newly ignited passion for helping others combined with a growing relationship with God that eventually pushed her into taking this skill and becoming an entrepreneur. Her relationship with God helped her realize, accept, and become who God had called her to be. As her faith grew, in October of 2020, she finally gained the courage to quit her job and turn her complete focus and attention on her own business, Financial Freedom.

Financial Freedom specializes in more than just personal credit repair; they also offer help in building credit, obtaining business credit, and tax preparation. While many companies operate with profitability as their driving force, Selena runs her business centered around the desire to help others elevate their lives and become their best selves.

She emphasizes always communicating with her clients to ensure that they feel like family and are always in the loop regarding their credit journey. Her passion for seeing her clients prosper and achieve their goals causes her to go above and beyond her competition. These authentic relationships what makes Financial Freedom stand out from other local credit agencies.

Although Financial Freedom accommodates anyone with credit or tax preparation needs, Selena is passionate about equipping college students with the tools needed to financially excel throughout their entire lives. It was not until Selena finished college that she realized how vital credit was but unfortunately had no credit literacy.

This eventually sparked a passion in her to begin conducting seminars to teach college students about their credit, how to build it and how to improve it. She explained how often, after college, students are expected to jump into the rivers of life and swim like pros with little to no experience. By hosting these seminars, sometimes alongside sororities, she equips young people with the tools needed to dive in and swim like pros.

She admits that building a thriving business is no easy task. Her business started slowly, with her having just one client for the first six months. Nonetheless, she stayed focused and celebrated every small milestone achieved along the way. Once she helped this first client purchase a home, she knew success would surely come. Selena went from having one client for her first six months in business to now, two years later, gaining almost 40 clients in the past six months. She also went from making less than $20,000 in her first year of business to making twice as much in her last three months of business. Although quitting her job initially seemed frighteningly impossible, she stepped out on faith, and Selena now has made in three months what was once her yearly salary.

If someone had told her five years ago that she would be a successful business owner while being a single mom, she would have laughed in disbelief. Without her son looking up to her and consistent prayer life, she admits she would have never made it to where she is today. She states that the successes seen in her business are direct results of her patience, steadfast faith, and ability to remember all the seemingly impossible situations from her past that she made it through. This ability to recognize the grace, favor, and mercy she has received during past challenges gives her the gratitude and determination needed to confidently push forward, knowing that if God has brought her this far, He will get her even further.

To the reader who may have a desire to improve their lives and pursue God-given purpose, she leaves a tip: “to have faith and to always be faithful to your plans.” A scripture she lives by is Habakkuk 2:2 “write the vision and make it plain….” Selena explains that the only way to remain faithful to your plans is by first writing them out and being clear about your desires and expected end. She emphasizes that we must write down our plans and incorporate God into all of our goals - personal and business. She guarantees that incorporating her faith into the structure of her business caused undeniable favor and expansion. Selena wants to clarify that incorporating faith into your business does not always mean you have to discuss your religion or beliefs with clients; it is simply inviting God into all the planning and decision-making regarding your business.

Lastly, Selena wants to leave a tip that, unfortunately, many people are unaware of that can cause a 40 point increase in their credit score. Her final piece of advice is for readers to remember the importance of keeping credit card utilization below 30%. Selena hopes that as others read this small glimpse into her story, they would be inspired and encouraged to know that “if it happened for me, it could happen for anybody.”

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