Fireball Meteor Lights Up UK Sky, Viewers Describe it as 'Giant Firework'

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A fireball meteor lit up the sky in Britain for seven seconds before 10pm on Sunday. Security cameras across England captured the meteor flashing bright before it disintegrated on its path.

On Twitter, one eyewitness described the event as “a huge flash” that “burst into a massive tail of orange sparks trailing behind like a giant firework.”

When an object in space crosses into the Earth’s atmosphere it begins to burn up and a bright flash is seen in the sky.

Co-founder of the UK Meteor Network Richard Kacerek told the New York Times that a group of amateur meteor spotters said their cameras detected the meteor at 9:54 pm in Wiltshire, England.

He said it might be “a piece of a comet or something softer like an asteroid” that hit the atmosphere.

He said in the particular incident the fireball appeared to be moving slowly, meaning it was visible for longer in the sky. The report said however, some people reported hearing a sonic boom, which would mean a relatively large object traveling at a high velocity.

Kacerek said in the second half of the flight they could see different pieces falling off it. According to him it was possible that some had survived as meteorites.

He said hundreds of people from across England and Scotland and Northern Ireland stated they had seen meteor.