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In Australia, Type 1 fireworks are permitted to be sold to the public. For anything that has a large explosion or gets airborne, users need to register for a Type 2 Licence. On 24 August, 2009, the ACT Government announced a complete ban on backyard fireworks.[42] The Northern Territory allows fireworks to be sold to residents 18 years or older in the days leading up to Northern Territory Day (1 July) for personal purposes. The types of fireworks allowed for sale is restricted to quieter fireworks, which can only be used at the address provided to the seller.

Bursting firecrackers: Rules around the world

Firecrackers are the ultimate symbol and means of celebrating across the world. But as colourful and spectacular a vision firecrackers are to behold, they contribute to environmental pollution and hazards.

Keeping in mind safety of people and environmental preservation, governments across the world have laid down several rules and regulations on usage of firecrackers. Take a look.