First-ever! NFT-enabled animated series from 'Rick and Morty' creator coming

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First-ever! NFT-enabled animated series from
First-ever! NFT-enabled animated series from

23 May 2021: First-ever! NFT-enabled animated series from 'Rick and Morty' creator coming

Buzzwords like NFTs and cryptocurrency have taken over the world in the past year, and it seems like Fox wants a slice of it. The network has just announced a brand new animated series called Krapopolis that will be entirely curated on the blockchain. The show, the first-ever of this kind, will be created by Dan Harmon, known for Community and Rick and Morty.

Story: Gods, humans, and monsters will try to coexist in 'Krapopolis'

Krapopolis will be an animated comedy show based in a mythological city of ancient Greece. The basic premise of the show will revolve around a "flawed family" consisting of gods, humans, and monsters, all living on earth, trying to coexist "without killing each other." Fox's Emmy Award-winning animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment, will be making the show with the help of Harmon.

NFT company: The network has also announced an NFT company

Besides the show, the network has also announced an NFT company called Blockchain Creative Labs that is said to be advertiser-focused and artist-first. "Fox is going to take advertisers into the world of blockchain-powered tokens, including NFTs," Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said during a company presentation. Currently, the plan is to generate buzz for their upcoming animated show with these new breakthrough technologies.

Marketplace: A digital marketplace will also be made for the show

Using Blockchain Creative Labs, Fox will be launching a dedicated online marketplace for Krapopolis. Digital goods such as NFTs of one-of-a-kind character and background art as well as GIFs will be curated and sold there. Apart from that, the network will also create its own crypto tokens for the superfans, along with rewards like exclusive social experiences and many more personalized digital goodies.

About: What exactly is an NFT?

NFT simply stands for non-fungible token. It basically helps verify the ownership of unique digital items with the help of an online ledger called the blockchain. Some recent digital goods sold as NFTs include Beeple's Everydays artwork at $69.3 million, CryptoPunk #3100 at $7.58 Million, Nyan Cat meme at $590,000, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet at $2.9 Million.

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