First look at Taylor Swift and Idris Elba dancing in the movie version of 'Cats'

Ben Arnold

As we prep for the first trailer for the star-studded movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's feted musical Cats, we've now got some of the first behind-the-scenes footage.

And anyone hoping to see Taylor Swift and Idris Elba dancing together will be over the moon about the whole thing.

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Elba – who's got the plumb role of Macavity – and Swift (Bombalurina) are spotted in rehearsal, while the movie's other stars also get the chance to wax lyrical about the production (which does all look pretty impressive.

“My first memories of performance go back to Pennsylvania when I was growing up,” Taylor explains.

Swift and Elba on the set of Cats (Credit: Universal)

“My favourite thing was getting to be theatrical, to tell a story, and I’ve always brought that sort of narrative element to my live shows.

“I came right off of a stadium tour and went right into rehearsals. People coming together through all different corners of entertainment. Everybody’s working really long hours, rehearsing every day, and it’s really fun. I just was really excited and so honoured to get to be a part of this.”

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Idris adds: “When you see people that are at the top of their game doing it, you raise your bar as well. The scale of this film is huge, three or four times bigger for the cats perspective. This is a moment for you to step into a world that’s completely designed to entertain you.”

Tom Hooper is behind the camera for the movie, with other stars including Jennifer Hudson (Grizabella) Rebel Wilson (Jennyanydots), James Corden (Bustopher Jones), Ray Winstone (Growltiger), Jason Derulo (Rum Tum Tugger), Sir Ian McKellen (Gus The Theatre Cat), Judi Dench (Old Deuteronomy) and the Royal Ballet’s principal Francesca Hayward (Victoria).

It hits screens on December 20.