Pictures Of Princess Diana Pregnant With Prince Harry In 'The Crown' Season 4 Are Here

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It's only been a couple of weeks since the long-awaited third season of The Crown arrived on Netflix.

With a new Queen in the form of Oscar-winner Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham-Carter embodying Princess Margaret, Tobias Menzies as the Duke of Edinburgh and introducing Josh O'Connor as Prince Charles, a lot has changed in the royal drama.

Those who have already consumed all 10 episodes of the new series will be eagerly awaiting the fourth instalment from creator Peter Morgan. Here's everything we know about The Crown, season four.

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What happens in The Crown season 3?

To avoid any major spoilers for those still making their way through the season, we'll just give a brief run down of the historical events which were covered in this series. It picked up in the second half of the twentieth century covering events like the tragic Aberfan disaster of 1966, Lyndon Johnson's presidency and the moon landings of 1969.

Royal family wise, we see the Queen continue to adapt to her role as governments and public perceptions of the monarchy change, Charles heads into adulthood and meets Camilla Parker Bowles and we see more of Princess Margaret's fractious marriage to Tony Armstrong-Jones.

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What will happen in The Crown season 4?

Season four is likely to pick up in the 1970s and will extend into the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher (which began in 1979). It will also see Prince Charles meet Lady Diana Spencer and start a family, welcoming his son Prince William in the year of 1982 and Prince Harry in 1984.

Who is in The Crown season 4?

Speaking of the Princes, the first photos of Princess Diana (played by Emma Corrin) pregnant with Prince Harry have been shared.

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The photos taken of the filming of the fourth season are recreating a Buckingham Palace Easter Egg hunt and the young actor playing William can be seen carrying an Easter basket while Corrin chases after him in character.

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Corrin's blue smock dress is reminiscent of the style the Princess of Wales often wore during her pregnancies and the little boy Prince William is just as adorable as the royal youngster.

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In December, the first images of Prince William's on-screen baby counterpart were released. The pictures, taken on the set of the upcoming series, show a baby dressed in very 1980s babygrow get-up boarding a royal air force plane with 'Prince Charles' and 'Diana'.

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The young Prince William is being carried behind Corrin with O'Connor is seen a few steps ahead. In further shorts, Corrin herself carries her on-screen son off the plane.

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Also making a debut in the fourth season is X-Files star Gillian Anderson who has been confirmed to portray Thatcher.

'I am so excited to be joining the cast and crew of The Crown and to have the opportunity to portray such a complicated and controversial woman,' Anderson said in a statement following the cast announcement.

It's not just newcomers who will appear in The Crown. Even though she has passed on her literal crown, Claire Foy has also been spotted filming flashback scenes of her 21st birthday speech in South Africa, for the next season.

Is there a trailer for The Crown season 4?

Not yet as the show is currently still in the production and filming stages, but watch this space as we'll bring it to you as soon as possible.

When will The Crown season 4 be released on Netflix?

Considering the third series has only just aired, we don't have a confirmed date for season 4 just yet but, according to reports and judging from previous series' release dates, we can likely expect to get our next royal dose in Autumn 2020.

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