Woman fishing with husband makes truly once-in-a-lifetime catch

An angler caught more than she bargained for while fishing with her husband last week.

Debbie Gebbes was fishing on Lake Champlain in upstate New York when she reeled in a fish with what appeared to be two mouths.

Before unhooking the catch and releasing it back in to the water, the couple snapped a photo which later went viral after being uploaded to Facebook.

Knotty Boys Fishing, a team that competes in local fishing tournaments, shared the photo to its page, which attracted more than 6000 shares and a thousand comments.

A fish with "two mouths" was caught by an angler last week. Source: Facebook/Knotty Boys Fishing

Social media users were unsurprisingly shocked at the discovery, many weighing in with theories behind the odd sea creature.

“I feel like its jaw has been injured at some point and the fish survived the injury,” one said.

Another claiming to be a fish biologist said the “lower jaw just got torn earlier in life (likely from some sort of angler related injury) and it healed over”.

Another person “speaking as a biologist” thought something had gone “awry embryologically”.

Others blamed the strange looking animal on waste being dumped into the lake, and someone went as far to say that radiation from Japan was the cause.

“Mutation from too many chemicals,” one suggested.

Someone from the fishing team thanked everyone for their input, and conceded that it would remain nothing more than “something interesting to talk about”.

“Regardless of opinion ... it’s a cool picture, a cool story, and something interesting to talk about,” they wrote in a comment.

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