Fitness enthusiast Austin Dunham set to make Bollywood film on bodybuilding!

Austin Dunham, a fitness freak and an inspiration for many, is all geared up to make a film on fitness and bodybuilding. The film has a totally different concept which has never been seen before in Bollywood.

The film focuses on the importance of fitness in everyone's life and revolves around the life of a couple of bodybuilders. The film has a strong message for the society which is getting lethargic with each passing day due to increasing workload and responsibilities.

"I am extremely happy and thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to make a film on my favourite subject in life. I have been in talks with some of the best producers in Bollywood and am looking forward to bring this film to the silver screens as soon as possible to send out my message about the importance of fitness to the world," said Dunham.

"I have been into fitness ever since I can remember. Missing a gym session has always felt like losing the biggest dream of my life of becoming the best athlete in the world. I have been gyming ever since I was 12-year-old. Now, it has become a spontaneous activity like breathing," he added.

The film is expected to have some big names of the Hindi film industry who have been into fitness for very long. Indian film actors have now started to take fitness very seriously and this is the reason Dunham is excited to be working with these actors here.

As per the fitness enthusiast-turned-director, this is the biggest opportunity he has got in his life and he is willing to make the most out of it. His dream is to prove to the world that a fit body is like an asset which will always pay you dividends.

"I have been following Bollywood actors since long and they pay real good attention to their fitness. I especially like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan for the way they have maintained their fitness and personality over the years. This is something which is getting viral here in India and I just want to increase the intensity of this fire through my work," he said.

With the kind of intensity he has for his work, we can assume that his film must have something really inspiring for the audiences in terms of maintaining fitness and pursuing a long and healthy life. Let's just wait and watch how well this ambitious project does at the box office as well as in the hearts of the audiences.

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