Fitness Influencer David Edward Carpenter is not worried about failure

Looking at David Edward Carpenter, it is hard to imagine the several setbacks he faced before fitness finally helped him build the confidence and drive to succeed at anything in life.

David channeled his energy into bodybuilding, although he had very little experience and lacked the finances to afford a personal trainer. Despite this, his drive and dedication saw him through, and he ended up competing in a national competition which instilled in him a new sense of confidence. David added, “Nobody likes hard times, but it’s the difficult experiences that serve as catalysts to help you become who you are truly meant to be.”

Spurred on by the confidence bodybuilding had given him, he found the courage to reach out to people that had achieved great success, which led to him to meeting his mentor. That’s how he became involved with his current industry.

David had always been a promising athlete, he played Varsity basketball at Shadow Mountain High School for four years and served as team captain. However, David dropped out of college to pursue his ambitions. David’s leadership is apparent through everything he does and his social media feeds are a constant source of wisdom and inspiration for others. David used his set-backs to fuel his inner fire and strive to succeed. While fitness helped him get back on his feet, it paved the way for his rise to the very top of his chosen industry. David says that "We might not be where we want to be yet but we’re on a mission until we get there. Never allow fear and doubt to deter you from your goals.”