Fitness Influencer Dr. John Jaquish: “Social Media is a Growing Source of Fitness Education”

It is common for most people to have at least one person in their social circles who posts fitness-related content on social media. This could be in the form of check ins, fitness achievements or simply meeting goals on their fitness trackers. John Jaquish, PhD, an influencer known for his fitness content on Instagram has valuable insights into the role social media plays in the increase of awareness around fitness.

Dr. Jaquish, who is a role model in the fitness industry explains that social media sharing can have an instant inspirational impact on the consumers of such content. He opines that this tends to impact more men than women but it is largely universal. In a way, social media sharing brings out a competitive side to most people, the greatest inspiration coming from those who have (or had) similar fitness levels.

But that is just one part of the story. Other than the motivation it provides, social media has now become a source of education and information on everything fitness-related. Dr. Jaquish states that over 40% users indicated that they apply the information they gather on social media in their fitness activities. He says, “There is a lot more mis-information in fitness on social media and even in articles, than scientifically validated information. We are trying to present real research and couple that with common sense explanations and advice that can be applied directly to your workout and it's helping people achieve massive fitness transformations.”

As an influencer, Dr. Jaquish has inspired hundreds of thousands of people through various mediums, both online and offline. His invention, the X3 Bar, is extensively used by athletes, professional sports teams in the NBA and NFL, Olympians and thousands of fitness enthusiasts across the globe. His earlier breakthrough in the development of a treatment for osteoporosis resulted in him creating a slew of OsteoStrong devices making a revolutionary impact.