Fitness influencer Melissa Chalmers shares her secrets on becoming a fitness guru

Media consumption is increasing day by day. While this translates to media houses ensuring a continuity in the demand, media consumption rings some warning bells for the society. Of all the things projected in the advertisements, “ideal body shape” is certainly one of them.

Advertisements reinforce the fact that we should all strive to achieve that ideal shape to enhance our acceptability in society. This has resulted in people developing anxiety about whether they are acceptable or not.

Melissa Chalmers ​is among those heroes who continue to fight this notion. Fitness is not limited to the gym and crash diets. That’s what Melissa aims to promote. Regardless of their background, women are transforming into their best selves through her workouts.

The fitness culture has gained acceptance through many forms- weight training, cardio, pilates, yoga, CrossFit, sports. It is an integral part of the 21st Century. This goes in hand with the junk food culture which has gained acceptance and continues to be a struggle for a majority of the population.

Fitpreneurship ​has is gaining popularity because there is a huge market to cater to. The need to look at the best self has gained importance. While she may be one of the world’s best fitness trainers, Melissa Chalmers knows all too well how hard it can be to get to the gym.

The 32-year-old fitness star from Auckland has built a cult following with her unique training style, though there was once a time when she struggled to make time for Exercise.

Inspiring thousands of women across the globe, Melissa focuses on ​flexibility. ​She knows how difficult it can be for working professionals to hit the gym every day. So, she has designed her app StrongHer —a revolutionary fitness app that is designed to support a community of women with specially tailored fitness programmes for all abilities.

With over 90,000 downloads and rapidly fast-growing women’s community, the app combines Melissa’s unique vision to grow the largest women’s community in the world in a bid to keep you motivated, push you to train harder, and encourage you to stay committed to your fitness goals.

StrongHer was the brainchild of Melissa’s desire to support people who wish to change their bodies, Melissa focuses on the importance of transforming without the need to deprive oneself of everything to get there. Her app allows women to tweak here and there to enjoy life and transform at the same time. She even designed the app in such a way that the transformation is even possible at the comfort of home without hitting the gym.

She continues not only with the transformation programme but also focuses on educating the misinformed audience about the myths the fitness world offers.

Today, Mellisa boasts of nearly half a million followers on Instagram, and another 35 thousand on Facebook. It is for people like Melissa that people keep their body image anxiety at bay.