Fitness Introspection

Fitness Introspection
Fitness Introspection

Fitness Introspection

Here is a fun exercise for you!

Answer the questions below with honesty. Take a  pen and notepad to write your answers.

1. How many of you go for walks, exercise in a gym or home or do yoga as a part of your DAILY ROUTINE?
2. How many of you eat fruits DAILY? Name them.
3. How many of you consume healthy portions of vegetables DAILY? Name them.
4. How many of you fulfil your bodily water requirement DAILY?
5. How many of smile and laugh DAILY?
6. How many of you follow your passion DAILY or WEEKLY?

Now, make a daily chart. You can create one in a diary or a book or make a digital one. Let the chart start from Sunday to Saturday.

Have one page for excuses. If on a day for example, you couldn't drink enough water or couldn't exercise, pen it under this section.

Complete the week. Then on Saturday, take a look at your chart. Take a look at your excuses. Click pictures of:

1. Your honest answers
2. Completed one week chart
3. The clear snapshot of your excuses.

Share how you felt after seeing your excuses. We can notice  how silly they were or how we wasted our goals. Now, the next step is to make the future week’s chart and repeat the process.


Do it week by week and strive to get a healthy body and happy mind.


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