‘Fitness is a lifestyle choice’ – Rishabh Chokhani, Founder and CEO, Naturevibe Botanicals

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Rishabh Chokhani, Founder of the global organic food brand, Naturevibe Botanicals believes that fitness is a conscious lifestyle choice and not a trend that changes according to seasons. Inspired from his own transformation, his belief in clean eating habits strengthened and he started a global business venture to promote and sell organic food and botanicals.

To cater to the demand for organic products across the globe, Rishabh started selling his products on e-commerce portals. In 2020, his venture went from just $3M revenue in 2018 to $24M. Naturevibe Botanicals deals in health food and organic products that help people lead a cleaner and a healthier lifestyle which is GMO and chemical-free. Their products are sourced directly from organic farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices.

“I am a firm believer in clean eating habits. I also believe that it is a conscious effort. The aim of starting Naturevibe Botanicals and offering good quality organic food online was to make it easy for people to make that conscious effort of clean eating.” – Rishbah Chokhani

He added,” I wanted to educate people about the power of botanicals. There are abundant of plants which boast of tremendous medicinal properties that prevent and treat innumerable diseases, benefitting our health and immunity in a great way.”

However, this young entrepreneur faced many challenges on the way.The main issue faced at the time of building this business was the underdeveloped supply chain. Apart from this, there is a constant fear of yielding less organic produce due to primitive agricultural processes for preventing pest attacks. Another major challenge in procurement for organic farming comes at a higher price due to the labour costs and training required for farm maintenance.

This Mumbai-based startup sells organic health products like superfoods (wheatgrass and chia seeds), Ayurveda capsules, essential oils, spices and grains, and culinary items like saffron and coconut flour.

Expanding the footprints of his venture across America and Europe, the Rishabh is now eyeing the Australian market.

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