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    it felt like i was reading my horoscope
  • d
    I am AB-. I like meat including fish and fruit. I kinda hate vegetables though lol. I don't really think any of this information really relates to blood type though. A lot of this stuff is just general information that anyone could follow.
  • J
    wow , glad I didn't miss my 5th grade science 101 classes .
  • M
    I'm A and I eat shitons of meat. This reads like a horoscope.
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    Type A blood: Are descendants of agrarian cultures, hence a vegetarian diet suits them best. Type A blood: mainly found in North and Central Europe (two of the heaviest consumers of meat).
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    gimme a break.
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    What I get from this? Everybody would benefit from more veggies and less meat.
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    Hibernian Owl
    When will Yahoo give us a phrenology link?
  • K
    I MIGHT be able to believe that there is some connection between blood type and optimal diet. Body chemistry matters, and what you eat affects that. But, as others have noted, the recommended foods for each group here don't seem to match up with reality. (i.e. meat-centered diets among the populations that are mostly Type A, etc.)
    The personality-links to blood type are laugahable. But, I guess there are people who believe in astrology too.
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    Dave Wilson
    I'm now very unsure what to do. I was born with O+, but had a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor. Now I'm A+ - so what to do???