Five Easy Mango Recipes That You Can Try At Home This Summer

With the onset of summers, arrival of mangoes in markets takes place. Mango lovers wait throughout the year for the king of fruits. Apart from its sweet taste, mango is known for health benefits. It helps in reducing cholesterol and improving digestion. The fruit is known for boosting immunity and promoting eye health.

It is available in various varieties like dasheri, langda, safeda, totapuri, chausa, neelam and alphonso.

As the coronavirus has forced us to stay indoors, this time can be utilised to try different varieties of mango and prepare tasty dishes from them. Here are five mango recipes, which you can try at home.

Corn and raw mango salad

The recipe for corn and raw mango salad is simple. To make it, we require corn, spring onions, bell peppers, cherry, tomatoes, herbs and raw mangoes. Cut the fruits and vegetables in pieces and put them in a bowl. Toss them together and your salad is ready.


It is nothing but mango juice. It is usually prepared with an alphonso, a variety of mango. However, it can be made using any sweet juicy mangoes. The fruit used should not be fibrous. Peel the mangoes and add milk or water if you want to thin down the consistency. Those who have it with pooris don’t mix any other liquid. Blend all the mangoes together to make a sweet puree.

Mango ice cream

Three ingredients are required to make mango ice cream – mango, cream and sugar. Make puree by putting mango pulp in a blender. Don’t add water. Add sugar before blending. Then add the mango puree to whipped cream. Put the mixture into the freezer for 5-6 hours.

Mango shrikhand

It is prepared using greek yogurt and fresh mango puree. The benefit of using greek yogurt in place of the normal curd is that you don’t need to hang the curd. Greek yogurt is already quite thick. Whisk the yogurt well and add mango puree to it. You will also have to add cardamom powder and powdered sugar. Mix them all together and the shrikhand is ready to serve.

Mango mastani

Mango mastani is made using ice cream, mango pulp, milk and dry fruits. First make mango puree and then add one cup chilled milk and two scoop vanilla ice cream. Blend them together. Pour the mixture in a glass. Put a scoop of ice cream again on top of the prepared mixture and also decorate it with dry fruits.

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