Five home remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally

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Close up hair at the dandruff on brown female hair.
Close up hair at the dandruff on brown female hair.

When we were younger, our parents insisted that we utilise yoghurt, fruit and vegetable peels for hair and skincare. There may have been instances when most of us would have fled to escape the application of the slimy puree made from fruit and vegetable mixtures as hair masks and face packs.

Tried and tested home remedies, passed down by mothers and grandmothers, are highly effective to treat something as tricky as dandruff or fungal problems on our scalp. And surprise, surprise, most of these quick-fix elixirs are found right in our kitchen.

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Here are some hair masks that can effectively eliminate dandruff and replenish your dry scalp:

Hair oil is not a remedy, vinegar, it is

Dandruff-causing malassezia fungus feeds on oily scalp. So applying hair oil may add to the itch and allow the fungus to thrive. Try white vinegar or apple cider vinegar instead for some relief. Mix it with equal amounts of water and spray on the hair and the scalp 20-30 minutes before a hair wash.

Soothe your scalp with baking soda

When your head is itchy beyond your threshold, blend in some baking soda with a shampoo to scrub and wash your hair, to ease the red, itchy and sore scalp.

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Ginger and garlic are the anti-dandruff agents

Ginger and garlic may be pungent in smell but are known for their antiseptic qualities. A spoonful of garlic mixed with water provides quicker results to drive away from the dry exfoliation in our heads. If the smell is too strong, try some ginger juice mixed in water and honey as they work wonders to control the irritation on the scalp.

Tea-tree and neem oils are essential

Essential oils, like tea tree and neem, when mixed with shampoo and used during a hair wash, can be effective to control the dandruff conditions within weeks of using it.

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Bananas, honey, and yoghurt are not just for smoothies

Rosewater, olive oil, coconut milk, bananas, honey and yoghurt when blended not only make for a great breakfast drink, but also can help get us rid of the dreaded dandruff when applied on head for half-an-hour as a hair mask. Wash it off to obtain a clean scalp and lustrous hair.

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