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Neetu Singh and the Kapoors

Long before she became a Kapoor, Neetu Singh was a seasoned actress who, as it happened, debuted as a heroine (she had previously done child roles) in Rickshawala opposite Randhir Kapoor, whose brother Rishi Kapoor, she eventually married. Neetu further acted with Randhir Kapoor in films like Heeralal Pannalal, Bhala Manus, Kasme Vaade, Dhongee and Nikkamma. In films like Deewaar, Shankar Dada, Ek Aur Ek Gyarah and Kala Pani (1980), Neetu was paired with her eventual uncle-in-law Shashi Kapoor. Her marrying Rishi, after having been on-screen pair for his brother and uncle, did raise a few eyebrows in those times.

Five problematic pairings we've seen on celluloid

The internet is an amazing place for surprises. Recently, Kamal Haasan and his daughter Shruthi Haasan- both apart from being actors, are also trained singers- crooned together at a grand musical function to honour music director Ilaiyaraja. The duo sang the hit number Ninaivo Oru Paravai from Kamal’s blockbuster from the late 70s, Sigappu Rojakkal (remade in Hindi as ‘Red Rose’ with Rajesh Khanna in the lead).

The father and daughter belting out a love duet, however, kicked up a storm on an online music forum. A few argued that it was just a film song and the two were merely parroting the words as any two professionals would do. But a few others found it unsavoury that a sensuous romance number was jointly voiced by two singers who share a dad-daughter relationship.

As controversies go, it was low key. But the outrage did ring a bell about a few other contentious on-screen performances stemming from real-life issues.

Here are 5 such incidents from Hindi and Tamil cinema.

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