Boy who swore at pop group Five Star on live television apologises 30 years later

Tom Butler
Senior Editor
Five Star (also known as '5 Star'; Lorraine Pearson, Denise Pearson, Stedman Pearson, Doris Pearson and Delroy Pearson), pop group formed of five brothers and sisters, circa 1986. (Photo by Tim Roney/Getty Images)

The boy who asked the pop group Five Star “Why are you so f***ing c**p?” live on children’s television in 1989 has finally apologised after 30 years.

Eliot Fletcher phoned in to BBC One’s Saturday morning kids show Going Live to speak to the sibling pop act who were fielding questions from fans over the telephone.

After being put through by host Sarah Greene, Fletcher blurted out his immortal diss, and the clip has lived on in infamy in blooper shows and lists of the most awkward moments in television history.

Now, three decades later, Fletcher has apologised to the band for his sweary outburst.

Responding to band member Doris Pearson who put a call out to try track down Fletcher on Twitter, Eliot simply said “Thank you and sorry”.

The chain of events that led to the apology began with a repeat of the group’s appearance on Top of the Pops on BBC Four last week.

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Fan account @TOTPFacts shared a video of Fletcher’s 15 seconds of fame on Twitter while the repeat was on air, to which Doris responded: “I wanna meet Eliot!! Twitter, do your thing!”

After stepping forward with his apology, Doris took it graciously inviting her one-time tormentor to “go for a f***ing c**p night out”.


He said he thought it great that she was still performing, but asked media who were pestering him for an interview about the event to instead speak with Doris instead, as it would be “much more constructive”.

Speaking to the BBC, Pearson said she was "in complete shock".

"To be reunited with Eliot and receive an apology from him was completely unexpected.

"At least it's defused any animosity between him and the fabulous Five Star fans, as a lot of them were still upset about it.

Doris Pearson from Five Star performs on stage during Rewind Scotland the 80's music festival at Scone Palace, 2012. (Photo by Scott Campbell/Redferns via Getty Images)

"The last thing I'd want is for anyone to get into a fight over it."

The TOTP fan account who started the whole story has cast doubt that the person who apologised was really THE Eliot Fletcher, but with the BBC reporting the story, we’re happy to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Formed in 1983 and comprising siblings Stedman, Lorraine, Denise, Doris and Delroy Pearson, Five Star had a string of hits between 1985 and 1989, and won the the 1987 Brit Award for Best British Group.

It was while they were promoting their 1989 single ‘With Every Heartbeat’ that their infamous Going Live appearance took place. The single stalled, and the group disbanded in 1995. They are about to release a three-disc retrospective to mark the 35th anniversary of their debut album, Luxury of Life.

Watch the iconic TV blooper below.