Five Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

·1-min read

All set for the coming year with your set of resolutions? But you might have done so in the past as well and then halfway through the year you just quit it…Well, we have all been there!

To stick to your New Year’s resolution, we have five tips that can be very helpful. Take a look…

Pick something that’s new for you

For anything new you are likely to put in more effort and learn with ore interest, so pick something that you have never done before. This gives you an opportunity to learn something new and discover your interests.

Track your progress

Keep your progress on a check every few weeks to take note of how far you have come and how long to go. For example, if you plan on losing weight then set yourself on a minimum bar where you see yourself this year and keep tracking your progress. This way you will stay motivated and will stick to your plan.

Reward yourself

As you achieve your milestones along the way, don’t forget to reward yourself. It’ll make you feel good to appreciate the efforts you put it and you’ll wait for the next reward.

Partner with a friend

It is always nice to have someone partnered for a task you assign for yourself. Partner yourself with a friend or a dear one and help each other push beyond limits. A healthy competition goes a long way…

Be realistic

Be practical and realistic when choosing your resolutions. Don’t pick something that’s way out of line for you. Set an achievable bar and once you are there you can go ahead step by step.