The Flamboyant Performer, Artistic Culturalist Or The Proud Organiser – What's Your Navratri Funda?


The festival of Navratri or the vibrant nine nights is here! According to Ganesha, your Zodiac Sign indicates your approach towards a festival. In this article, find out what your funda is likely to be, based on your Sun Sign.

Aries – The Energetic Dancers and Active Participants

The Aries fit into the Navratri scheme of things very well, because, being highly energetic, they reflect the true spirit of Goddess Shakti. They are high-voltage performers and will turn up at the venue well-dressed and in full spirits. Even if they don't know a particular step, their enthusiasm and confidence helps them to pick up new dance styles and create magic with their spirited moves. 

Taurus – The Traditional Practitioners and Expert Aesthetes 

The Sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus and thus they have a strong sense of belonging for this festival. “Learn from Taurians the art of getting ready for the festival of Navratri” – says Ganesha. The bulls possess the wonderful combination of great taste in art, love for music, enhanced aesthetic sense and a good understanding of tradition. You can always Expect stylish dressing and graceful moves from the Taurians! 

Gemini – The Witty Entertainer

The fun-loving Geminis may not be highly particular about the outfits and textbook traditions, but their versatility gives them the edge over others. Sometimes, their ability to perform any move in a masterly manner, will amaze you. The highlight of hanging out with a Gemini pal on a Navratri night is that you will never be short of some good entertainment. Even in the midst of a dance move, they will say something so amusing, that you will burst into a roaring laughter! 

Cancer – The Torchbearers of Tradition

The soft Cancerians are the ones whom you will find in the perfect traditional attire, all decked up with appropriate accessories and looking like photo-ready models. They are highly devoted and experience a very strong connect to  Navratri, as it is the festival of the all-pervasive mother – Goddess Durga. They get inclined very easily to anything that is motherly. 

Leo – The Exuberant Organisers

Leos are simply at their best in major public events and celebrations. If you are having thoughts of heading to a Garba venue this Navratri, then hand over the planning and organising part to the Leo, and you can be assured of a wonderful experience! The lions will turn up looking royal in clothes and accessories that are the latest trends in the market and they are a delight when dancing their hearts out. 

Virgo – The Well-Prepared Participants

The perfectionists of the Zodiac – Virgos give a lot of importance to proper dressing and accessories. They are probably the only ones amongst the Sun Signs that would give so much importance to accessories and you would find them wearing clothes with good colour combinations, well-complemented by nice-looking neck pieces, earr-rings, cuff links, turbans etc. Initially, they may be a bit shy and hesitant, but once they enter the dance arena, then you can expect some magic! 

Libra – The Effortless Charmers

Librans, backed strongly by their ruler – Venus, can be the ones with exquisite finesse and grace. They are those dancers, whose moves you would cherish for a long time. With the trademark cheerful smile on their face being a constant, they wouldn't fail to catch your attention, even if they are in the midst of a huge group – which again happens to be the highlight of the Libran style of celebration. Yes, Librans prefer to head to the Garba venue with a large circle of friends. 

Scorpio – The Magnetic Powerhouses

Scorpios are the ones whom you can expect to spring some surprises throughout the nine nights! They enjoy the concept of suspense and they may not let you know what they would be wearing for your group Garba celebration. But, when they turn up at the venue, you would be amazed to see how gracefully they carry themselves! They would generally prefer joining in the dance circle, when the tempo is high and will impress with their skilful moves.

Sagittarius – The Carefree Merrymakers 

Sagittarius and enjoyment go hand-in-hand! So with these people around, there will be a lot of laughter, some impromptu jigs, funny gestures and a lot more! Though they may not keep dancing for long hours, they would be the ones who will not let others sit idle in the corner and will instead pull them into the dance track of the venue. These free-spirited souls generally prefer  bright-coloured attires. 

Capricorn – The Connoisseurs of Culture And Tradition

The cool Capricorns may on the exterior appear as aloof and indifferent beings, but from within, they would be quite excited about the festival as they consider it an opportunity to cherish the wonder of tradition and the charm of an auspicious festivity. Though they may be serious beings when amongst family members, they can be absolutely fun when with close friends, so bingo!  The Goats would like going to the best Garba venue in town and may prefer dressing up in authentic traditional wear. 

Aquarius – The Explorers Of Alternative Joys

The innovative Aquarians always carry an element of surprise and this reflects in the kind of costumes they wear or the dance steps they would flaunt on the ground. They do not conform to the conventional rules and traditions, and may create some steps or moves of their own. But, the aforementioned aspects apply to those Aquarians who are culturally inclined, while the more concentrated Aquarians may find some other ways of celebration and enjoyment. The latter may just look at this festival as an opportunity to freak out with friends, rather than literally doing the Garba! 

Pisces – The Philosophical Art Aficionados

You would generally find a Piscean revelling in the highly charged atmosphere during Navratri, as there are multiple factors that attract them to this festival – out of which their interest in spirituality and love for art are two most striking factors. Usually, their dressing would be in sync with their mood. Apart from the dance moves, you would notice that these beings feel delighted because of the music. 

With Ganesha's Grace, 

Aaditya Sain

The Team

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