Flashback Friday: As 'The Simpsons' era comes to an end, here are 5 most iconic episodes

Danny Elfman, the composer behind the "The Simpsons" iconic opening theme, has revealed that he has heard rumours the show could be "in its last year".

Speaking to website JOE, the composer said he is "flabbergasted and amazed" that the show stayed on screens for more than 30 years.

"Well, from what I've heard, it is coming to an end. So, that argument (about whether the show should be cancelled) will also come to an end. I don't know for a fact, but I've heard that it will be in its last year," Elfman said.

As the era comes to an end, here are five of the most iconic The Simpsons' episodes:

1. 'Natural Born Kissers' (Season 9, 1998)

The Simpsons have always implied that Marge and Homer have a fun sex life, however, this episode highlights it more than ever before. Natural Born Kissers was a sex-positive episode that was about Marge and Homer trying to bring the lost spark back. The couple soon realises that they like to ‘snuggle’ in public.

2. 'Treehouse of Horror VII' (Season 8, 1996)

The first episode from the 8th season is a trilogy of the most epic horror specials. In the first story, Bart and Lisa hear creepy noises from their attic only to realise that there's a monster living in there and he is Bart's long-lost twin.In the second, Lisa’s science experiment creates a race of miniature beings that consider her as God and Bart as Devil. Citizen Kang the final part of the trilogy, shows that Homer has been abducted by two aliens Kang and Kodos who then replace their identities with 1996 presidential candidates Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

3. 'Bart Sells His Soul' (Season 7, 1995)

Just to prove the church that there's no such thing as soul, Bart sells his for $5. Lisa warns him that he will regret his decision and soon Bart realises that she was right. Bart tries to get it back after a series of strange things start happening in his life. However, the person Bart sold his soul to has already resold it to someone else.

4. 'A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again' (Season 23, 2012)

A bored Bart sells off everything to go for a Cruise vacay with his family. Bart has the time of his life at the Cruise only to realise that soon he will have to go back to his boring life. He then tries to convince everyone on the ship that a deadly virus has spread on the mainland and hence they will have to stay here at the cruise.

5. 'I Married Marge' (Season 3, 1991)

Marge’s unexpected pregnancies are a common thread in the show. In the 20th episode of the third season, Marge is anxious that she might be pregnant again. As they wait outside the doctor’s office, Homer tells Bart, Lisa and Maggie the story of his and Marge's marriage and their firstborn Bart.

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