Flavoured Oral Sex! ‘My Sweet Secretion Sweetener’ is Here to Make Vagina Taste ‘Delicious’ and Perform Better Sex; Internet Is Not Impressed

Shaloo Tiwari
Do you need artificial fruit flavour for your genitals to make it taste better?

In the past decade, a lot more has been said and done about the female genitals that we couldn't even imagine earlier. We have seen new innovations that can make your vagina cleaner, beautiful, smell better, whiter and everything a woman never asked for, things that played on women's already low self-esteem. However, the latest addition to the list, "My Sweet Secretion Sweetener" will make you shake your head in disappointment, if you hate such demeaning products for your private parts. The tablets/formula called "My Sweet V (100% NATURAL)" claims to make your vagina taste sweeter so that when your partner "eats your pussy" they get an enhanced, flavoured taste. The product description on Instagram reads: "My Sweet V (100% NATURAL) Designed To Give You a Semi-Fruity Taste Sensual Smell Optimal Performance Sensation Desire in the Bedroom" Yes, they claim that having this "dietary supplement" daily will make your vaginal fluids yummier, tasting more like fruits. Performing Oral Sex on a Woman is ‘Nutritious’ Thanks to Good Bacteria in the Vagina, And it’s Science Backed!

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Their website that goes by the name mysweetv.com, reads in the description: "My Sweet Secretion Sweetener is designed with women in mind but now the herbal and fruit-based unisex formula can also be taken by men. My Sweet is an all-natural supplement which is also designed to maximize your sexual experience."

Take a look at some of the posts made by My Sweet V:

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This one

Did you know of this?

However, Twitter seems to be utterly unimpressed by the idea of having a flavoured vagina (wondering why hasn't Dr Jennifer Gunter said anything yet!)

Take a look at some of the epic reactions:

Taking digs


Like, really!



Just so you know the real thing, the vaginal ecosystem is absolutely self-sufficient and it cleans itself. A simple use of clean water is enough to daily clean your vagina and maintain its pH balance. You don't need artificial fruit flavour for your genitals to taste better. The only thing that can improve the health of your vagina is a healthy diet and lifestyle. If your vagina is otherwise free of infections or diseases, it is, in fact, rich in healthy probiotic bacteria.