Man bashed to death after secretly watching couple have sex

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A man has been charged with manslaughter after allegedly bashing a peeping Tom who had been peering into his girlfriend’s window while the couple had sex.

Florida man Victor Vickery was charged on Thursday over the 2018 death of 57-year-old Asaad Akar.

Vickery and his girlfriend were in bed when they heard a sound outside, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Vickery then went outside his girlfriend’s home, completely naked and barefoot to find Akar, who had a criminal record for prowling.

This wasn’t the first time the couple had experienced a peeping Tom, according to The South Florida Sun Sentinel, last time the culprit managed to escape before police arrived.

According to WSVN, Vickery’s girlfriend had reported a suspicious person on her property several times.

While Vickery’s girlfriend called 911, Vickery and Akar began fighting. The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports Vickery was covered in dried blood and his right foot was bloodied and swollen.

Victor Vickery has been charged with manslaughter for the 2018 death of a man he caught lurking outside his girlfriend's home. Source: Getty Images / AP.
Victor Vickery has been charged with manslaughter after allegedly bashing a peeping Tom. Source: Getty Images/AP.

Vickery later told Fort Lauderdale police Akar attacked him and that he punched and kicked Akar a few times.

Vickery’s girlfriend reportedly got involved when she saw Akar on top of her boyfriend, choking him. The girlfriend, Samantha Hobi, told police she picked up a shovel and whacked Akar in the back once or twice.

However, three weeks after speaking with police, Ms Hobi went back on her initial statement, saying she never hit the peeping Tom with a shovel.

Akar was taken to hospital and died within 90 minutes of getting there. The medical examiner determined Akar died from blunt force trauma to his head and torso, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

The relationship between Ms Hobi and Vickery was believed to be rocky and court records show there have been claims of domestic violence.

Ms Hobi had one restraining order against Vickery, which ended in October 2018. Days after the restraining order ran out, Ms Hobi requested another one which was granted by the court.

Vickery is jailed on $100,000 bail.

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