Food blogger eats three-foot, 5,000 calorie hotdog in 25 minutes

Kate Ovens ate Britain's largest hotdog in 25 minutes. [Photo: SWNS]
Kate Ovens ate Britain's largest hotdog in 25 minutes. [Photo: SWNS]

A food blogger has eaten a three-foot hotdog in 25 minutes in her biggest eating challenge to date.

Social media star, Kate Ovens, finished the hotdog, which was had five types of bacon and melted cheese mounted on top, despite needing two men to carry it to the table.

It’s intended for a family of four, but the 25-year-old managed to devour the £45 meal all by herself.

It’s known as the “BFD” and can be attempted at Four Pure Brewery, in Bermondsey, south east London.

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It's intended for a family of four. [Photo: SWNS]
It's intended for a family of four. [Photo: SWNS]

The pork, beef and bacon bockwurst is specially made with bacon jam and bacon mayonnaise, and topped with smoked pancetta on top. Just to make it a bit more filling, it has Frazzles bacon-flavoured crisps crushed on top.

“Last year I ate a three-feet-long sausage roll, but the BFD was far thicker.” Kate said.

She has worried in the past about whether she could keep on going after getting half way through her challenges, but she found the hot dog so delicious, it didn’t pose any problems.

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The head chef, Joel Bowen, made the hot dog challenge especially for her but after its popularity, wants to add it to the menu soon.

“We had to custom make a basting lid by welding together some baking trays - but they were so thin they kept catching fire when we were welding them.”

“For years I've wanted to make the ultimate hotdog, and I think we achieved that. I've seen a few of Kate's videos, so I knew she would give it a good go, but I had my doubts.”

The sausage is thought to weigh about 3lbs with the entire hotdog weighing in at about 5.5lbs.

That’s one big lunch.

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