Foot-long chocolate eclair for sale at local supermarket

Chelsea Ritschel

Sweet-toothed eaters rejoice.

Asda has just released an oversized dessert creation: a gigantic whipped-cream filled chocolate eclair that you can buy in your in local supermarket.

The new chocolatey treat measures in at a foot-long - which is as long as three standard-sized eclairs and twice the height - making it six-times as big as the usual chocolate eclair.

If the size alone doesn’t convince you to buy the monstrous dessert, the price will. At just £5 (about $6), the chocolate eclair is practically a bargain. Rather than buying yourself multiple cheat-day desserts, you can now buy just one.

According to the pastry masterminds behind the creation, the foot-long chocolate eclair is “Made with light choux pastry, fluffy Belgian chocolate mousse and sticky caramel sauce and topped with chocolate fondant” and is set to hit shelves December 14th, just in time for the holidays.

And if chocolate isn’t for you but you’d still like to partake in an oversized dessert, Asda has also released an enormous Marie Antoinette inspired macaron. “Let them eat cake” has taken on a whole new meaning.

The macaron is a bit more pricey and will cost you £8 (about $10). But judging from the pictures, it looks like it’s worth the money.

The inspiration for the two desserts came from a recent trip to Paris, where the Asda bakery team noticed a new trend of desserts made for sharing. However, it is worth noting that sharing is only recommended, not mandatory.