The finest football kits of the new season

Tom McGowan
Deputy Head of Sport

The football season is here and so are some good, great and gorgeous football kits.

As well as deciding whether or not to shell out for your team’s latest number, there’s also the task of choosing which other shirt would complete an Insta-perfect football hipster look.

And while Middlesbrough and Coventry aren’t often accused of being footballing trendsetters, we’ve tried to lend you a hand by picking out our favourites from the 2019/20 vintage.

Below are the Yahoo Sport UK team’s choices. *SPOILER ALERT* Arsenal feature heavily.

Arsenal (Home)

Arsenal are looking good ahead of the new campaign. (Credit: Getty Images)

A choice that requires no explanation. Just look at it. The undisputed king of this season’s offerings is an intravenous hit of nostalgia with a modern polish. A kit fit to grace any stage will likely spend the season knocking around the Europa League and just outside the top four. Sad.

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Inter Milan (Away)

Inter's away games will be worth watching for the kit alone. (Credit: Getty Images)

A kit so fresh it has a minty aftertaste. A bold colour choice has paid off, with the gold and black trim around the collar, sleeves and crest adding a touch of class which the team has lacked in recent years. Even the sponsor’s logo looks good, with Pirelli now as quintessentially Inter as late 90s Ronaldo.

Tom McGowan

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Real Madrid (Home)

A jersey worthy of Eden Hazard's talents. (Credit: Getty Images)

You’ve got to be good to incorporate gold in your shirts. In fact, despite Real Madrid not being that good anymore, they can still just about get away with it. There’s only so many ways you can improve on plain white and somehow Adidas have managed to pull it off with this sleek gold trim to compliment their traditional strip. The club are going through something of a rebuild at the moment so perhaps the plan is to distract from any potential on-pitch failings with this smart new number.

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Coventry City (Home)

Coventry's home kit is a rare bit of good news for the club. (Credit: Getty Images)

Unable to actually play in their own stadium among other issues, Coventry’s only reason to smile this season may come in the form of their throwback home kit made by Hummel. With a design straight out of the 1980s (complete with chevrons!), the kit serves as a visual time-machine that might allow Sky Blues fans to remember better times.

Ibrahim Mustapha

Leicester City (Away)

There is something beautiful about a pink kit. Manchester United, Bournemouth, Everton and Sunderland have all tried in recent years, so this time it is the turn of Leicester City. This is the foxes' third kit for the new season and personally I think it beats any of its pink predecessors.

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Bristol City (Home)

I like the simplicity of Bristol City's home kit, it's a lovely shade of red and could pass as a training top even with its button-up collar. I'm also a big fan of the font used for the sponsor and I think the club have done a fantastic job with the new badge.

Lee Jarvis

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Arsenal (Away)

Arsenal's away kit is a modern bruised banana. (Credit: Getty Images)

A subtle twist on the iconic bruised banana. The 2019 update of the 90s classic strips out the crass and abstract vibe, and tones it down for a softer and clearer feel. A real treat for the eyes.

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Middlesbrough (Home)

Red and white kits aren't exactly short in supply throughout English football, but even without the use of texture or shading this kit manages to stand out from the crowd, thanks in part to the Doppler effect white stripes. Simple, refined, and elegant.

Raj Mannick

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