Forbes Magazine Announced Supermodel Rudy Bundini As One of Five Top-Rated Influencers

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It’s commonly known that one of the most difficult and competitive fields to have a career in is modeling. Just like a musician waiting his shot at the spotlight, the average model usually spends years patiently waiting for their shot to break out. Not more than just a decade ago male models were typically constrained into a particular role taking on the normal jobs of commercials, fashion shows, and fitness modeling. While these dynamics still exist, the ever-growing number of brands offering a broader range of menswear has caused expectations to become less clear cut and more elusive. 

For the first time in history, fashion and grooming influencers are starting at the top of the social ladder and working downward, rather than the opposite. Noteworthy brands are rigorously seeking them out to help convey a co-branded message to their followers. An influencer’s followers have a certain level of trust in listening to what the influencer recommends. All in all, it helps consumers to identify a brand and create brand awareness as well as brand allegiance. What agencies and brands now look for is distinction. Ideally, the candidate is a model with a ‘look’ that is less generic and more recognizable to the public. One model that has recently broken onto the scene with these attributes is New York based supermodel Rudy Bundini.

Born in Basel Switzerland, Rudy moved to the United States and is now a model, actor and a former foreign boxing heavyweight champion. Over the past year or two Rudy has caught fire, achieving many milestones most models would only dream of. After being named IMTA’s “Model Of The Year” a short while ago, Rudy has sustained his momentum by collaborating with prestigious brands like Nike, Armani, Versace, Roger Dubuis, Phillip Plein, and Hennessy to name a few. As an actor, he has starred in the series “The Beautiful Grind New York” as well as the movie “Furious 7” directed by James Wan. He’s also made appearances in an Ariana Grande music video and two TV shows: “The Real Housewives of NY” and “Younger”. Aside from those experiences, Bundini has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and is a gold medal winner as the heavyweight champion in the Azerbaijan international boxing tournament. Despite already experiencing so much success as a model, Rudy’s latest announcement has topped it all. 

On February 4th, 2020 Rudy Bundini made his debut on, being named one of today’s top 5 influencers. An honor very few public figures receive. Rudy’s purpose for being in the article was to share his opinion on Hawthorne’s products and their importance to healthy skincare. He shared his insight by saying, “As a fashion model, skin care is an essential investment. I am very pleased with the Hawthorne facial cleanser and lotion. I appreciate that the Hawthorne skin care line is fragrance free for sensitive skin like mine simple to use without any complicated steps, and non-drying, keeping my skin hydrated without feeling weighed down or greasy.”

Rudy Bundini is already off to a great start in 2020 with so much more planned for the rest of the year. Rudy is a clear-cut example of where the fashion and modeling industry is going. While models like Rudy continue to prove they aren’t afraid to push boundaries, we can expect the quality of influencer content to become more in depth, natural, and best of all, richer.

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